Seeking Not Settle

Hello one and all out there in Seedstock EDGE land. What an honor it is to be asked to write to you in this great publication. I know many of you have been running through yourself buying and selling livestock these last few months. I believe if we are not careful when we are out seeking these pieces for our programs we can easily make mistakes in what we buy. You see it's so important to be specific in what we are seeking. I bet you we have all settled at one time or another. I don't believe God wants us to settle in our pursuit of Him. Mathew 6:33 " But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well". It's so important that we are specific in seeking Gods Kingdom above seeking things. When we seek Gods Kingdom HE WILL give us those other things! We love each of you and cant wait to see y'all down the road.

In Him

Ray Perryman and Family

#SeedstockEDGE #RayPerryman #Matthew633

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