God gave us community for a reason... and that's what this resource page is all about... a place to connect you with pastors and teachers that God is using to help people live free and kingdom minded lives.

Everyone loves a good story. Remember the days of sitting around a fire and just talking about life. Anyone who has heard Ray, knows he loves stories too. Ray loves to share quick challenges both FOR everyday life, and FROM every day life, as well as full services from around the United States. The Short Round Ministries YouTube channel is where all of those videos get collected and published. We hope that God uses this as a resource to encourage and challenge people every day.

One of the most respected men that I listen to on a regular basis is the Pastor of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, Robert Morris. He not only brings a deeply profound and relevant message but does it in a way that everyone can understand. Pastor Morris has also written on a variety of topics including The Blessed Life, The Blessed Marriage and Truly Free. Please allow Pastor Morris to breathe life into yours today!

Click here to watch the latest message from GatewayPeople.

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